Renew in Person

Tag renewals may be processed in person at the Sumter County Tax Commissioner’s Office.

Sumter County Courthouse
500 West Lamar Street, Suite 120
Americus, GA 31709

Not receiving a renewal notice does not relieve the registered owner from the obligation to renew the vehicle’s registration by the due date. If the owner does not receive a renewal notice, it is still the owner's responsibility to renew by their expiration date. Penalties will not be waived because the owner did not receive a renewal notice.

If renewing in person, you must bring one of the following: tag renewal notice(s), the vehicle owner’s driver’s license, the (VIN) vehicle identification number, or the current tag number. All renewal requirements must be met before the renewal can be processed.

Payment methods include cash, personal check, debit/credit cards or money order.

Renew Online

Renew your registration over the internet at the Department of Revenue's web site,

The vehicle registration must be renewed on or before the renewal date each year or tag and tax penalties will be assessed.

Renew your tag(s) online using the renewal identification number (RIN) printed on the front of your renewal notice. You can renew all of your vehicles in a single online transaction for a total convenience fee of $4.95 (charged by the Georgia Department of Revenue when you pay.)

Tags renewed online will be processed by the Tag Office and mailed to the vehicle owner’s address on record usually within three (3) business days. If the address on your renewal notice is not correct, then DO NOT RENEW ONLINE.

Credit cards accepted online are: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Convenience fees apply.

  • Does not have a valid Georgia insurance policy, which must be electronically transmitted to the State of Georgia by the insurance company.
  • Is covered by a Georgia Fleet Insurance policy.
  • Currently has a specialty license plate that requires supporting documentation in order to renew the registration (e.g. military, certified firefighters, amateur radio, etc.)
  • Registered owner has a change of address
If based on the information above, CLICK HERE to renew online.

Renew by Mail

If renewing by mail, renewal payments should be mailed several weeks prior to the renewal date to allow time for processing. To ensure timely processing of all renewal payments and to avoid penalties, all renewal requirements must be met before the renewal can be processed. If a renewal is submitted without all of the required information, it will be returned to the owner and tag/tax penalties will be applied.

Mailed in renewal payments must be postmarked by the United States Postal Service on or before the renewal date or tag and tax penalties will apply. If the renewal is received without proper payments or required documents, the renewal will be returned and the due date cannot be extended. Tag and tax penalties will apply.

Payment methods include personal check or money order. Checks and money orders should be made payable to “Sumter County Tax Commissioner” and mailed to P.O. Box 1044, Americus, GA 31709.

If paying by check, a valid telephone number must be printed or written on the check. If your check is dishonored by the bank, service fees will be assessed in accordance with state law and federal guidelines. All checks dishonored by the bank are handled through a third-party service.

Vehicle Insurance

Insurance Requirements Insurance cards are not acceptable proof of insurance coverage for motor vehicle transactions at the Sumter County Tag office (except fleet and self-insured). Your insurance company is required to electronically transmit proof of insurance directly to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) database.

Acceptable Proof of Insurance The Sumter County Tag Office verifies your insurance status electronically (except for those vehicles covered under a Fleet or Self-Insured Policy.)

When the Georgia registration system does not indicate valid proof of insurance, the following will be acceptable:

  • A 30-day insurance binder with an effective date that is less than 30 days. Faxed copies from your insurance company are accepted.
  • The original Declarations Page from your existing auto insurance policy if the vehicle purchase occurred within the last 30 days.
  • A Georgia Fleet insurance card with the words “Georgia Fleet” on it.
  • A self-insured insurance card and a Certificate of Self Insurance.
Lapse of Insurance and Suspensions A lapse in insurance occurs when a vehicle has not carried valid Georgia liability insurance coverage for a period of more than 10 days. Your insurance company reports the lapse to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR), and a notice of pending registration suspension is generated and mailed by the DOR. A lapse will result in a $25 pending suspension fee which must be paid within 30 days.

If the $25 pending suspension fee is not paid by the due date, the registration will be suspended by the DOR. To reinstate the registration, the vehicle must have valid Georgia insurance coverage, the $25 pending-suspension fee plus a $60 reinstatement fee must be paid, as well as any other registration fees, ad valorem taxes or penalties due. Any additional lapses in coverage and/or suspensions will result in additional fines and penalties including cancellation of the vehicle’s registration.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: House Bill 386 - New Title Tax Goes into Effect on 3/1/2013
The new title tax is based on a percentage of the fair market value (FMV) of the vehicle as determined by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

The new title tax is not due every year but is due each time the vehicle is titled to a new owner. It applies to dealer sales as well as sales between individuals

Motor vehicles purchased prior to January 1, 2012 (vehicles that you currently own) will continue to pay the annual Ad Valorem tax and remain in the 'old' ad valorem system. All other existing annual vehicle registration requirements, including annual tag renewal fees, decals, etc. remain in effect for all vehicle owners.

Documents Required for Registration

New residents to Georgia must have the following documents in order to register a vehicle:

Vehicle With No Lien
  1. Out of State Title
  2. Current Registration from Previous State
  3. Proof of Georgia Insurance
  4. Georgia Drivers License with Sumter County Address
  5. Current Mileage
Vehicle With Lien
  1. Loan Agreement with Complete Name and Address of Lien Holder
  2. T-17 Affidavit of Lien Holder (available at tag office)
  3. Proof of Georgia Insurance
  4. Georgia Drivers License with Sumter County Address
  5. Current Mileage

Taxes Due

Taxes on Motor Vehicles are due on the owner’s birth date. Vehicles owned by a business pay tax based on the first letter of the Business name. The tax is based on the 40% value of the vehicle. Taxes are due on a vehicle, even when the vehicle is not in use.

Applicable Fees

Tag Fee for passenger vehicles and trucks weighing up to 14,000 loaded = $20.00

Title Transfer Fee = $18.00
Trailer Tag Fee = $12.00 *
Replacement Tag, Decal, or Title = $8.00

* Trailers with a gross vehicle weight of less than 2,000 pounds are not required to be titled in Georgia. The previous registration is required.

Trucks with a gross vehicle weight over 14,000 (Truck and load) fees are based on the weight.

If you should have any questions, please contact our office at (229) 928-4530. Office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

For further information regarding vehicle registration, please CLICK HERE to visit the State of Georgia Motor Vehicle Division website.